seventeen weeks, two days

that’s how long it’s been since i’ve posted anything. seventeen weeks. that’s a LONG time. i’m sorry to have been so absent. i haven’t had anything new to say. i spent much of march and april fighting a hellacious and tenacious sinus infection. it was so severe it caused significant bouts of vomiting. i was… Continue reading seventeen weeks, two days

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the unreliable narrator

i don’t know how old i was when i learned i had cerebral palsy. i suspect it was when i was ten, when i had to have the third of six surgeries… the first one i was old enough to remember. i had a navel hernia — something to do with the abdominal wall and… Continue reading the unreliable narrator

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random quarter

one. three things i like about myself: intelligence, compassion, generosity. two. three things i dislike about myself: insecurity, temper, laziness. three. the happiest person i know: michelle. four. the two people i like and respect the most and why: aurora and cynthia because they are like sunshine. five. i am: a child of god, one… Continue reading random quarter

never forget

my munkle served in the navy. so did his brother, my great uncle joe. my mom told me once that joe served with patton and marched with him in germany. i hope i’m remembering that right. i like thinking of it. my uncle chris served in the navy, too. i will never forget the time… Continue reading never forget

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