motion picture monday

released: 1994.
starring: jeremy irons, matthew broderick, james earl jones.
what makes it awesome: the songs. hakuna matata, yall.
released: 1995.
starring: jeremy irons, samuel l. jackson, bruce willis.
what makes it awesome: jeremy. holy toledo, somebody had fun.

three. x-men two.

released: 2000.
starring: ian mckellen, hugh jackman, patrick stewart.
what makes it awesome: the special effects are pretty badass and the cast is pretty spectacular.
released: 2003.
starring: ian mckellen, billy boyd, orlando bloom.
what makes it awesome: the story and all the efforts made by cast and crew to tell it.
released: 2006.
starring: ian mckellen, tom hanks, paul bettany.
what makes it awesome: its complexity and quickness.

six. the words.
released: 2012.
starring: jeremy irons, zoe saldana, bradley cooper.
what makes it awesome: the premise, its backstory and jeremy.
released: 2013.
starring: ian mckellen, orlando bloom, luke evans.
what makes it awesome: luke.

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