motion picture monday

released: 1992.
starring: moira kelly, d.b. sweeney, terry o’quinn.
what makes it awesome: the dialogue and moira kelly’s character.

released: 2007.
starring: tom wilkinson, billy crudup, mandy moore.
what makes it awesome: it is beautifully, refreshingly. incredibly politically incorrect, a wonderfully unconventional love and life story with an interesting soundtrack.
released: 2009.
starring: joseph gordon levitt, zooey deschanel, geoffrey arend.
what makes it awesome: it’s a fantastically-crafted, roller coaster of a love story.
released: 2009.
starring: aaron eckhart, jennifer aniston, martin sheen.
what makes it awesome: aaron eckhart’s character… his struggles and his strength.

released: 2010.
starring: rachel mcadams, diane keaton, harrison ford.
what makes it awesome: diane keaton and harrison ford.

released: 2011.
starring: ewan mcgregor, emily blunt, kristin scott thomas.
what makes it awesome: ewan mcgregor… and it’s a beautiful story.
released: 2014.
starring: zac efron, miles teller, michael b. jordan.
what makes it awesome: it’s pretty crass. it’s pretty clever.

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