motion picture monday

released: 1995.
starring: tom hanks, gary sinise, ed harris.
what makes it awesome: gary sinise, ed harris. the beatiful job the cast and crew do to illustrate the extent of the efforts made to bring our astronauts home.
released: 2000.
starring: sandra bullock, michael caine, benjamin bratt.
what makes it awesome: benjamin bratt and michael caine.
three. office space.
released: 1999.
starring: ron livingston, jennifer aniston, gary cole.
what makes it awesome: stephen root.
released: 1977.
starring: burt reynolds, sally field, jerry reed.
what makes it awesome: burt reynolds. i never much cared for him, but here he’s badass.
released: 2000.
starring: clint eastwood, tommy lee jones, donald sutherland.
what makes it awesome: tommy lee jones.
released: 2006.
starring: will ferrell, john c. reilly, sacha baren cohen.
what makes it awesome: ferrell (whom i usually detest) and reilly (whom i love).
released: 1983.
starring: shirley maclaine, debra winger, jack nicholson.
what makes it awesome: jack nicholson.


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