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  • survey snagged from an old issue of real simple

    drinks: coca-cola, dr. pepper, iced tea, cranberry juice, lemonade, gatorade, water, chocolate martini, vodka tonic, pinot grigio.loves: eleanor and park, the fault in our stars, the language of flowers, ncis, ncis: los angeles, the west wing, steel magnolias, dedication, star trek (the one from four years ago), the aggies, the packers, the patriots, london, san […]

  • this year’s gifts

    i’ve been dreading christmas this year, for reasons i can’t discuss here except to say that i am not happy. i am heartbroken. i have been trying very hard to find good in my days, though. to find laughter. i’m trying to focus on that good. on the gifts this year has bestowed. like in january, the […]

  • a history of residences

    i was born in texas city. to those of you unfamiliar with southeast texas, ain’t nothing in that town but a bunch of steel and lights, also known as oil refineries. you can see them from the freeway, of course, as you’re trekking down interstate forty-five from houston to galveston. we lived in houston, i […]

  • a letter to me at fifteen

    you will want to quit swimming at the conclusion of your junior year. i’m okay with you doing this, because you will have been coached by a lardass geek rather than your current guru. but when the guru coach from mccullough high school comes to you after having heard of your retirement and asks that you […]

  • for lacie — the HELLA long list

    FAVORITES:COLOR: greenANIMAL YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE AS A PET: french mastiffFLOWER: roseNUMBER: sevenSCENTS: blueberry muffins fresh from the oven, laundry fresh from the dryer, phineas bubbaphat fresh from the car washCOLOGNE/PERFUME: ralph lauren’s romance for men/for womenHOBBIES: reading, watching movies, television shows, concerts, gigs, sporting events, writing, travelingSPORT YOU ENJOY WATCHING: footballSPORT YOU ENJOY […]

  • meet the monk

    and these three fine lads, these would be the three troublemakers of my great-grandma’s brood: the monk, teo and joe. i have the best great uncles in the world. the monk, though, he’s the best of the best. :] read about him here.