It’s like that old saying, everything a man does a woman has to do backwards, wearing heels, while a foreign superpower systematically tries to take her down via network of operatives using false identities.How much longer do we have to put up with a mentally ill sociopath? When the fucked up psyche of the leader… Continue reading politweets

three things

three experiences i recommend one. the van gogh museum in amsterdam. do the audio tour. it’s fantastic.two. hike to neuschwanstein and explore the castle.three. hike in wales. just make sure you plan the trip well. three things that are always in my fridgeone. bananas.two. white wine.three. assorted jams and jellies. three things that are always… Continue reading three things

tales from the dating world

so i’m on this stupid dating website, right? every six weeks or so, i rewrite my profile, mostly because i’m a bored perfectionist. i fork over the funds each year, and nothing ever really comes of it, and that’s probably my fault, but i’m starting to think that it’s more that dating websites are redonkulus… Continue reading tales from the dating world

can you hear me now?

oh, how i loathe verizon. LOATHE. immensely. i waited. patiently. for the provider to acquire permission to sell the iphone. months. years, practically. i hate waiting. almost as much as i hate verizon. so i heard they’d be getting it in the fall. no. then i heard they’d be getting it in the spring. no.… Continue reading can you hear me now?