six impossible things

so yeah. these are just a few of the dozens of books i’ve purchased or, as is the case with the help and dearly beloved, been given in the past decade or so that i’ve been meaning to read. that pink one third from the right? landline? i’ve read that one at least a dozen times.… Continue reading six impossible things

praise and gratitude

let’s start with the boy i knew in high school freshman year. one of the girls in my art class, which was right before lunch, had noticed that if i ate in the cafeteria, i was always by myself, and if i wasn’t in the cafeteria, i was hiding in the band hall. so she… Continue reading praise and gratitude

thankful thursday / the good in my day: april

van halen. the wonder twins. mama. payday. julie. becca and adam. james and andy. bread and butter. roxanne. the woodlands waterway arts festival. cbs sunday morning. sawyer fredericks. smarties. nick, jenny and julia. chick-fil-a. richard. tax refunds. melissa. blake, sarah, billy, david, brenda, red roses, samantha, erin, becca, tito’s vodka tonics with two limes, kyle… Continue reading thankful thursday / the good in my day: april