Category: tanks

  • hate hates hating

    nine times out of ten, when i’m tanking, at least once i will think let me die. since i was eight i’ve done this. yesterday, i was trying to find a happy memory of my childhood. that’s a difficult thing for me to do. this morning, i was watching sunday’s episode of brothers and sisters. […]

  • a truth universally acknowledged

    my favorite sweatshirt is one i purchased last year at aggie outfitters at the mall in college station. it’s too big for me, but that’s one of the reasons i love it. it falls to the middle of my thigh, and the sleeves are long enough that my hands are hidden by the fabric. and […]

  • significance

    i was told i would never amount to much. i heard this so often as a girl that by the time i became an adult, i was more confident of my insignificance than anything else. i am not that important. i am not leaving my mark on this world with the work i perform. i […]

  • let me believe. let me forget.

    so yesterday, while i was on that miserable date at the zoo, it started sprinkling. i yelled at the heavens to do more than that. i bargained with god, and yeah i know that i shouldn’t do that, but i did it anyway. i said that if he would let it rain, really rain, i’d […]

  • the mirror has two faces

    my second summer vacation has started. this week, i’m staying within texas’ state lines. tomorrow, i will do all those responsible things i’ve been neglecting, like getting the rear license plate’s light fixed (which will most likely mean some circuitry or something in phineas’ rear will have to be repaired because he’s got water in […]

  • pandora’s box

    i feel like writing. typing. whatever. it’s all the same to me. there’s something soothing about the melody that comes from my fingers tapping on the keys and the sound that tapping produces. a rhythm and a chord. maybe it’s hard for you to hear it. maybe i’m hearing things. that’s entirely possible. i feel […]