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  • ten things to celebrate in january: a scavenger hunt

    one. january tenth. peculiar people day. peculiar: strange; odd; unusual; funny; curious; bizarre; weird; abnormal; exceptional; extraordinary; remarkable; puzzling; mysterious; perplexing; baffling; suspicious; eerie; uncanny; unnatural; freakish; fishy; creepy; spooky; eccentric; unconventional; wacky; oddball… read or watch miss peregrin’s home for peculiar children. what’s the first word on the tenth line of the one hundred tenth […]

  • ten things celebrated in december: a scavenger hunt

    one. december first. national pie day. also national eat a red apple day. buy, or if you’re feeling especially awesome, bake an apple pie and take it to the servers of a favored restaurant. they bring you food and drink at your beck and call. be sweet and bring them some treats. in this case, […]

  • ten things to celebrate in december: a scavenger hunt

    it’s ten this time because a) time, b) money and c) it’s my bloggy and i can if i want to. mental floss compiled a list of fourteen days to celebrate in december. i’m using some but not all because of the aforementioned reasons. if you choose to blog about this, photos are required, but they […]

  • fifteen things celebrated in november: a scavenger hunt

    mental floss posted an article about fifteen offbeat holidays to celebrate in november. i made up a scavenger hunt using the dates referenced in the article as prompts. not only did i have to do the things, i had to take a selfie (and i LOATHE selfies) of my having done the thing. one. november second: […]

  • fifteen things to celebrate in november: a sort of scavenger hunt

    i love the idea of scavenger hunt posts. though i’ve tried this before with no success, i’m trying again. not so much because i want yall to play along, but because i need to play. but it’d make me so happy if yall would play, too. mental floss posted an article about fifteen offbeat holidays […]