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  • random quarter: the q&a edition-april

    one. what are you a geek about? film.two. what do you crave? at present? fried shrimp.three. what was the last bad movie you watched? how to be single.four. in three words describe your love life? pathetic. nonexistent. disappointing.five. what question makes you anxious? why isn’t this finished yet?six. you have no patience for explaining technology […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition-march

    i haven’t done one of these in seven months. my friend tina, god rest her soul, she did love these posts. (i think she liked’m better when i was rambling, and i’ll get back to that… eventually.) she would’ve missed them. she would’ve been so glad to be reading one today. i’m kind of glad […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition-august

    one. do you need a cold shower? no. two. describe the room you’re in right now. office. gray walls and carpet. three. what do you lie about? lots of things. hello? writer. four. when was the last time you were on an airplane? july sixth of this year. five. today you destroyed a box of […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition-july

    one. should you trusts your instincts? nope.two. who do you miss the most right now? minn.three. today you wore maroon, striped polo, jeans, flip-flops.four. what was the last fruit you ate? honeydew melon. five. what do you feel most grateful for today? watching sunset at lake woodlands.six. how many cups of coffee did you drink […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition–may

    one. messy or neat? messy.two. are you hesitating? i guess.three. if you could have a superpower just for today, what would it be? ability to read people’s minds. four. when was the last time you went swimming? last summer.five. today was hilarious because of sarah and adam.six. what was the last party you went to? […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition-april

    one. who are you fooling? no one, now. two. who do you feel closest to? melissa.  three. if you could wish for one thing to happen today, what would it be? seven blogiversary bash guest posts. four. what was the last take-out meal you ordered? whataburger, small coke, onion rings. five. what colors are you […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition – march

    one. salty or sweet? salty.two. did you sleep alone last night? yes.three. what’s your favorite word (right now)? fuck. always and forever.four. who’s your nemesis? myself.five. it’s not a good idea to experiment with people’s feelings.six. what’s the last song you listened to? new york state of what is the last movie you rented? […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition – february

    one. who do you live with: my parents. two. on a scale of one to ten, how sad are you? why? two. because i went shopping. three. outside the weather is getting much better. four. what are you obsessively listening to? simple mind’s alive and kicking.five. are you seeking contentment or excitement? both? six. what are three […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition – january

    one. can people change? no.two. what are you reading right now? me before you – jojo moyes.three. the best part of today? watching last sunday’s packers’ game.four. what was the last restaurant you went to? fielding’s.five. today was tough because brother’s children drove me nuts.six. today you lost patience. several what’s your favorite accessory? […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition – december

    one. on a scale of one to ten, how happy are you? four.two. do you want to know how it ends? not really.three. who do you miss? my older brother.four. what is your most recent act of generosity? salvation army’s angel tree gifts.five. where do you find joy? little things and the twins.six. what’s on […]