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  • Random Quarter

    One. Gumbo or bisque? Bisque. Because lobster and butternut squash.Two. Hallmark or American Greetings? Hallmark. Because I care enough to send the very best.Three. Photoshop: Yes or no? No. Because it’s not easy.Four. Boutique or resale shops? Boutique. Because I prefer new clothes to hand-me-downs.Five. Infinity or olympic swimming pool? Olympic. Because I’d want to […]

  • random quarter

    one. three things i like about myself: intelligence, compassion, generosity. two. three things i dislike about myself: insecurity, temper, laziness. three. the happiest person i know: michelle. four. the two people i like and respect the most and why: aurora and cynthia because they are like sunshine. five. i am: a child of god, one […]

  • random quarter

    stephanie posted about questions you didn’t ask today, borrowing from two hundred questions she’d found. i thought i’d use some from that list as prompts for an rq post. one. what is one of your favorite smells? gardenia. it’s hard not to feel pretty when i’ve used bodycology’s pure white gardenia bath products. pair that with ralph […]

  • random quarter

    some of yall might know some of this already, but… one. my name is jennifer kristin. jennifer: the cornish derivation of the welsh gwenhyfar (guinevere) (means white wave, by the way… which suits because the waters of my internal landscape are NEVER calm). kristin: after my uncle, frank christian. so guinevere, a queen with weak […]

  • songs that start with the letter d: a not-so-random sample

    one. dare you to move. switchfoot. learning to breathe. two. deeper than the holler. randy travis. old eight by ten. three. desperado. the eagles. desperado. four. distant sun. crowded house. together alone. five. divine. korn’s self-titled album. six. do what you have to do. sarah mclachlan. surfacing. seven. does this mean you’re moving on? the airborne toxic event’s self-titled album.  eight. don’t speak. no […]

  • random quarter

    one. so the first thing i do when making these posts is type out the one through twenty-five bit because if i do it that way, then i don’t have to do control b as much. then i go back and type the things. today, i got so caught up in typing the numbers that […]

  • random quarter

    one. so…we’re back to the true spirit of these posts because i’ve used up all the prompts from that question and answer book. you’re thrilled, i’m sure. two. the houston cougars defeat of the oklahoma sooners might be the most impressive football game i’ll see this month. BECAUSE THIS: three. NEVER DOUBT THE POWER OF […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition-june

    one. today you cancelled a date with a douchebag.two. what was the last beach you went to? myrtle beach, south carolina.three. my nephew is funny.four. what’s the next book you want to read? after you by jojo moyes.five. what do you have to lose? not much.six. today was delightful because of lunch with when was the last […]

  • songs that star with the letter a: a not-so-random sample

    one. acrobat. u2. achtung baby. two. against all odds (take a look at me now). phil collins. against all odds: music from the motion picture. three. ain’t talkin bout love. van halen. van halen. four. alive and kicking. simple minds. once upon a time. five. all fired up. pat benatar. wide awake in dreamland. six. all i want. toad the wet sprocket. fear. seven. all i want is you. u2. rattle and hum. eight. all of me. john […]

  • random quarter: the q&a edition-may

    one. what’s something you couldn’t do today? deny myself the hershey’s chocolate.two. what’s your biggest expense right now? the gilmore painting i bought. three. when did you last hold a baby? couple of years ago.four. today you made five articles for print.five. what should remain as is? huntsville, utah.six. what time did you go to bed […]