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  • munich

    the first three photos are of nymphenburg palace. the last are of the munich rathaus, aka new town hall.

  • dachau

  • home

  • hiking in hay

    this was a good afternoon. this was me hiking up a fairly steep hill to get to this spot on the way to hay’s bluff which is near the town of hay-on-wye in wales. this was me traipsing about in a field covered in sheep shit to get to this spot. those little brown specks […]

  • cardiff bay

    the boat in the bay made me think of the boats in van gogh’s painting. i liked the way my vacation started with happy boats and finished with them.

  • because my world could use some color

    these were taken at the abbey of our lady of the holy trinity monastery in huntsville, utah, where my great-uncle resides. the green-gold photos were taken three years ago, i think, and the violet ones were taken one month ago. you wanna see more of it? go here. it’s featured in a book! read it.

  • my favorite picture

    taken near holy trinity abbey in huntsville, utah.