to the winery!

but first i had to stop and take some pictures of the pretty! i love my neighborhood, yall. every time i come home and every time i go out, i marvel at how lucky i am that i get to look at this:  and i’m lucky, too, that some of the sweetest people i know… Continue reading to the winery!

over yonder

the world war ii memorialand the washington monument the monument’s reflection in the potomacthrough the cherry blossoms and the cherry trees in bloom this was a matlock project. learn about that here.

ashes and wine

san antonio. the deck at capparelli’s on main. cheesy jane’s on broadway. the skyline as seen from trinity university’s campus. oktoberfest at beethoven maennerchor. the alamo.

barcelona and madrid

a long time ago, the architect antonio gaudi was employed by a fairly well-to-do dude in barcelona to build a housing development. he fixed up the land so it was all kinds of pretty and built a couple of houses, and then the economy went to shit. so it was never finished. the thing’s been… Continue reading barcelona and madrid

avignon, nimes and carcassonne

the first is a view of avignon from the gardens at the papal palace. the second is of the roman aqueduct in nimes built more than two thousand years ago. the rest are of the fortified city of carcassonne and its modern-day counterpart.

cannes, nice and monaco

the first is of cannes. the next two are of nice. the next is the mediterranean sea, seen from the gardens built for grace kelly. and the last is of monaco, part of the route of its grand prix.


so there are notre dame cathedrals all over france apparently. this one is in reims. this is the one at which joan of arc met some king. this is where the coronations of the kings of france took place. this one boasts the stained-glass handiwork of marc chagall.