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  • ain’t i a woman?

    mom wanted to watch that people speak thing on the history channel. we tuned in just in time to hear this fine speech.ain’t i a woman?by sojourner truthdelivered 1851 at the women’s convention in akron, ohio well, children, where there is so much racket there must be something out of kilter. i think that ‘twixt […]

  • four-letter words

    so, i’ve been trying for years to write a book. a love story. the cheesy shit most chicks write because, well, that’s what most chicks read. and underneath all the sarcasm and crassness and occasional tomboyishness, i happen to be a sucker for that cheesy shit. i am soft. i blame this on my father. […]

  • sunday’s mass

    since the mass the sunday before last had affected me so, i guess i kind of hoped that this past sunday’s would do so as well. this one was about nourishment — that the good lord would provide all that the body, heart and soul required. the mass included, of course, the parable of the […]