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  • saturday spotlight: the red lion project

    in march, i changed jobs. a long, long time ago, i worked for a weekly newspaper. after a couple of years, i got sick of doing that and went back to selling books. i got sick of doing that, and spent four years selling children’s furniture and accessories. i got sick of doing that and […]

  • fifty reasons to live

    one. because they said you couldn’t.  two. because they said you wouldn’t.three. because they said you shouldn’t.four. because you wake up in the morning. there must be a reason for that, even if it’s something so small as to smile at a stranger. because maybe that small smile is the lone bright spot in someone’s incredibly […]

  • l is for lifesavers

    no. not the candy. i’m talking about the kind that saves me from crazy. the kindness. the givers. the giving. friday sucked. it was ugly. a couple of times a year, all the anxiety i feel, all the insecurity and inadequacy and irresponsibility and ugliness, everything hideous inside me swells. that scene in clash of […]

  • roses and ranunculus

    i’ve this friend. she’s the sort of girl who’d go for the hundreds of rose petals spread all over everywhere to celebrate an occasion. she’s been married for more than a decade. and on the surface, things between she and her husband seemed pretty perfect. both very sociable people… they had a good group of friends, […]

  • for father’s day

    when i was a kid, i really only saw my father on the weekends. usually sundays. i would sometimes hear him talking in the morning with my mother before he left for work, before she’d come in to get us up for school. maybe, maybe he was home for dinner at night. maybe i saw […]

  • all i ever learned from love

      but all i ever learned from love was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya (leonard cohen, as sung by jeff buckley in hallelujiah). (nobody sings that song better, by the way. nobody.) imagination only gets you so far. you ride the rest of the way on the tide of experience. below is the best […]

  • love is like communism

    i think i’ve mentioned this before, but for the purpose of this post, you get to read it again … i attended three different third grade classes at three different schools in a six month period. the first was taught by a woman who ended up becoming my favorite teacher. the third was taught by someone […]

  • more for ms. jen (but this is all you get)

    because i read a quote on a friend’s page today from the film bounce that stirred another bit of nice. well, two, actually. she’d written a post about how much she liked gwyneth paltrow. me? not so much. except for the film sliding doors. that is a cool flick. yall should see that one. i […]

  • why i love bubble wrap

    i’m not sure i’ve told you this story before. i don’t think i have. one of my readers commented on a post i’d written months ago that she wanted to hear more about the boy mentioned in that post. i’d kind of tagged one of my blog challenge entries to another post — mostly because […]

  • blame it on the janes

    i managed to go through high school and college, studying english, without ever having to read any of jane austen’s or charlotte bronte’s works. i’d graduated with that english degree without ever having read dickens, too. can you imagine this? i’m certain there are dozens of other classical authors revered by educators of all sorts […]