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  • Light in the Darkness

    Light in the Darkness

    I am clinging… perhaps a little too desperately at the moment… to the kindness others have shown me. The friends who came to help me move my shit the other day. To the brief conversation I had with a Bumbler: Dude used the word nuanced in a sentence. That’s not something I see all that […]

  • A Girl Gives Her Testimony to a Group of Much Better Women than She and It Is Well-Received

    I presented my story at one of those Bible studies in which I participate. I worried over what to write for two weeks. I was asked last night if I could go today instead of next week. I said, “Sure.” I hadn’t figured out what I was going to say, didn’t have any props (because […]

  • never forget

    my munkle served in the navy. so did his brother, my great uncle joe. my mom told me once that joe served with patton and marched with him in germany. i hope i’m remembering that right. i like thinking of it. my uncle chris served in the navy, too. i will never forget the time […]

  • romance

    about a year ago, a friend invited me to join her book club. it’s a great group of women, and i feel so blessed to be considered their friend, but since joining, i’ve read two of the books chosen, and one of them was my pick (also one i’d already read — the language of […]

  • my mount rushmore

    so my friend at the view from the third floor has been doing an ongoing contest since the beginning of the year. i’m pretty sure i’m losing, but that’s okay. for round seven, we were asked to create our own mount rushmores, tributes to those americans who have not served as presidents whom we feel […]

  • you get what you give

    i started writing this post and had six or seven paragraphs down before i realized i was burying the lede.  sometimes interviewing people for the articles i was assigned to write while working at the newspaper, sometimes those people intimidated me. the more beautiful they were, the less comfortable i felt in their presence. one […]

  • tuesday topics: two letters

    so one of my new year’s resolutions was to send out handwritten notes instead of emailing or leaving compliments on friends’ facebook walls and such. lauren used this post to write two letters to her younger self. i’d like to share with you two messages i got from folks who received notes i’d sent… because […]

  • stuck on you: where there is love there is life

    about a month ago, i drove into west houston to attend an author event at blue willow bookshop, which is probably where i should buy all my books but driving from the woodlands to memorial city sucks ass (i usually take ninety-nine which means i’m spending money to drive on a road not funded by […]

  • random, but not the quarter kind

    this is one of those posts that i’m doing because i feel like i should post something, but i really don’t have anything to say… the random quarter posts began for this very reason. but i already did one this month. i can’t do another one. so i guess i’ll just tell you about what’s […]

  • saturday spotlight: texas sentinels foundation

    the texas sentinels foundation was founded eight years ago by richard and jean filip of the houston area to provide wounded warriors from september eleventh, two thousand one and beyond homes, financial stewardship, counseling, job placement and more. richard filip, who served in the army, and his wife established the organization because so many of […]