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  • the oscars: best supporting actress

    it’s hard for me to get excited about this category. WHAT! BLASPHEMY! it is. sorry. in seventy-seven, beatrice straight won the award for best performance by an actress in a supporting role in network. if you were to ask me what else she’s been in, i couldn’t tell you. if you were to ask me […]

  • the oscars: best director

    so basically the film awarded best picture typically receives the best director oscar as well. in the past four decades, there have been eight instances wherein that’s not been the case: beatty stone nineteen eighty-two: chariots of fire was named best picture; its director, hugh hudson, was nominated for an oscar, but the award was given […]

  • the oscars: production design

    okay. i am plagued since january thirtieth by an incredibly tenacious sinus infection or something that is amazingly resistant to medication, like steroids and amoxicillin and levaquin. what this means is some of the fire and ire that i would normally have for this subject has been refocused on the fact that i feel like […]

  • the oscars: original score

    so you know those people who’re like, there’s twenty minutes of previews and then the credits so if we’re late, it’s not like we’ll be missing much. yeah. i’m not one of those people. now i’m not saying i’m a punctual gal. time is very fluid thing with me. more often than not i’m leaving […]

  • the oscars: visual effects

    now we get to the good stuff. best achievement in visual effects. thank god for industrial light and magic and their mad, mad skills. thank god for the guys who can make superman fly, the t-1000 shape-shift and dinosaurs wreak havoc. nineteen seventy-eight… and the oscar goes to star wars: episode iv – a new […]

  • the oscars: makeup

    so somebody did that to ian mcdiarmid’s face for the star wars saga, but that’s not worthy of recognition. and someone transformed john hurt into joseph merrick in the elephant man, but that’s not worthy of acclaim, either. now i’m not saying either of these films should’ve been winners with regard to make-up (ahem… they […]

  • the oscars: costume design

    here’s another category about which i generally don’t care, but i understand how vital costumes are in bringing a story to life so… nineteen seventy-seven. the oscar goes to… star wars. hooray! i’m down with that. i’m down with it going to all that jazz two years later, chariots of fire two years after that, ghandi […]

  • the oscars: best picture

    about a week or so ago, my film challenge friend and fellow blogger christina wrote a post about this year’s best picture nominees. i used to love the oscars. when i was a terribly troubled, antisocial runt of a gal, i’d spend that sunday night watching all these gorgeous folks in their gorgeous attire sitting […]

  • the fall film challenge recap

    one. about adolescence. the outsiders. i know i should’ve loved this one. god knows it has an incredible cast, and the story’s a school-read staple. but… meh. two. about a character’s rebirth or rite of passage. a guide to recognizing your saints. it’s a rough one. it’s well done. it’s not one i ever want to watch again. three. about a comic […]

  • the fall film challenge bonus round: my list

    big stone gap bleed for this the book thief bridge of spies the choice concussion eighty-four charing cross road election evening flags of our fathers gleason hacksaw ridge jack reacher: never go back ladies in lavender loving the other boleyn girl the perfect storm the queen the remains of the day remember the titans spotlight […]