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  • the fall film challenge: bonus round

    THE RULES: if you’ve seen the twenty-five films selected for your original list, you are eligible to compete in the bonus round. this one’s a bit more complicated than normal. i’ve chosen twenty-five television series, past and present. for each program, choose a film which stars an actor or actress who has appeared on that […]

  • fall film challenge update

    one. jackie. category: reviewed last year on slothsandmovies. natalie portman is a talented chick. jackie kennedy was a remarkable woman, and portman plays her well. i liked the way the story’s told, but, despite all that, something’s keeping me from saying this film is amazing, and i can’t tell you what that is exactly. just that’s […]

  • the fall film challenge: my list

    one. starring anthony hopkins. howard’s end. two. listed on nathan bransford’s best hundred movies challenge. the big sleep. three. about charity. megan leavey. four. starring robert downey, jr. spider-man: homecoming. five. about envy. snow white and the huntsman. six. about faith. war room. seven. about greed. the wolf of wall street. eight. about hope. creed. nine. starring jeremy irons. their finest. ten. about justice. wind river. eleven. starring kevin bacon. […]

  • the fall film challenge

    begins one minute past twelve a.m. september first / concludes midnight november thirtieth. you may NOT use a movie you have already seen, even in part (excluding trailers), for this challenge. all films MUST be new to you. each title chosen for the challenge may be used ONLY ONCE, i.e. a movie used for the […]

  • the best hundred movies challenge

    so i did nathan bransford’s the best hundred novels challenge. he’d also prompted others to take the best hundred movies challenge. as you wish… the ones in bold type are the best of the best. about time american sniper apollo thirteen argo a beautiful mind burnt charlotte graychef cinderella man the client the count of […]

  • the oscars: adapted screenplay

    this one’s probably gonna be the messiest of the bunch. sorry. try to keep up. seventy-seven was all the president’s men (adapted by william goldman from the novel of the same title by carl bernstein and bob woodward). then julia (alvin sargent; novel pentimento by lilian hellman), followed by midnight express (oliver stone; novel by billy hayes and william hoffer). i […]

  • the oscars: original screenplay

    so the screenplay awards are actually my favorites. that shouldn’t surprise you. i dig the adapted award more than the original one because taking something someone else wrote, especially when it’s a gargantuan or revered tale, and whittling to the bones of a script to be transmitted to film… that’s not a task i’d ever […]

  • the oscars: best actor

    peter finch won in seventy-seven for network, followed by richard dreyfuss for the goodbye girl, jon voight in coming home and dustin hoffman in kramer vs. kramer. i’ve seen two of those. winners in the eighties: robert de niro in raging bull; henry fonda in on golden pond; ben kingsley in gandhi; robert duvall in […]

  • the oscars: best actress

    faye dunaway won in seventy-seven for network, followed by diane keaton for annie hall and jane fonda for coming home. don’t hate me but i’ve only seen one of those. :[ winners in the eighties: sally field in norma raye; sissy spacek in coal miner’s daughter; katherine hepburn in on golden pond; meryl streep in sophie’s choice; shirley […]

  • the oscars: best supporting actor

    jason robards won this oscar back to back, seventy-seven and seventy-eight, for his roles in all the president’s men and julia. then christopher walken (LOVE! but then, who doesn’t?) in the deer hunter. winners in the eighties: melvyn douglas (WHO?? i looked at his film credits and still don’t know who the fuck he is) […]