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  • little beach street bakery

    why i wanted to read it: because i liked the title. what i liked: “this is how it is,” came the voice from beside her. mrs. manse didn’t sound her usual snappy, angry self. she sounded resigned, sad, serious. “this is how it is. we stand and we wait. we women. this is what we […]

  • skinny bitch

    why i wanted to read it: because once upon a time i worked at a bookstore and all the girls were buying this book, and years later when i’d crossed over the one-fifty mark, i was thinking to myself: fat pig, you should read that book. what i liked: of course it’s easier to socialize […]

  • the bookshop on the corner

    why i wanted to read it: it’s a book about a gal who owns a bookshop. i was a bookseller for eight years. why wouldn’t i want to read that? what i liked: “i never understand,” he said, shaking his head, “why anyone would go to the trouble of making up new people in this […]

  • wait for me

    why i wanted to read it: because i met the author at a brunch in houston and liked her. because i was unaware that german prisoners of war were sent to help farmers in scotland; i wanted to know more about that history. what i liked: the prisoner of war and his story; the author’s […]

  • what light

    why i wanted to read it: because a friend of mine and i went to a book discussion and signing at blue willow bookshop in west houston. (this was many, many months ago, yall… something like october of last year? i read this thing way back when and forgot to post about it, so… pardon.) […]

  • a man called ove

    why i read it: because a gal in the book club i’m in picked it. what i liked: while his proper cup of coffee was brewing, he put on his navy blue trousers and jacket, stepped into his wooden clogs, and shoved his hands in his pockets in that particular way of a middle-aged man […]

  • the best hundred novels challenge

    i’m procrastinating. that’s got to be it. i’ve written twenty pages in four days which is five times more than i’ve written in six months. i’m on a roll. i should be writing. but yesterday was show us your books day, and i arrived late to that party, as usual. and i’d been feeling guilty […]

  • just one damned thing after another

    why i wanted to read it: because the selections i’d previously considered for the time travel category of the bonus round in the spring session of erin’s book challenge (which has concluded, but i’d resolved to read them all anyway, and so i am. the next one starts in july, yall. she’ll post the categories […]

  • the secret life of bees

    why i wanted to read it: because erin sent me a copy of it. all the way from australia. because it was on buzzfeed’s list of books read by rory on gilmore girls, which was one of the categories in erin’s book challenge. what i liked: i listened to the audio because it was a […]

  • the obsession

    why i wanted to read it: because it’s nora roberts, and i used to LOVE everything she wrote. i used to be able to pick up one of her books without fear that it would suck. and then they started sucking. when this book first came out, i read its beginning while waiting at heb […]