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  • adam and tasha

    okay. so now we’re back in the fiction section of the store. yay! this next book is called straight talking by jane green. but could i ever look at adam and see a greek god? shit, i don’t think i’ll think about that one just at the moment. i think i’ll just pour myself another […]

  • clayton and whitney

    oh, i do so like it when an author pairs up two incredibly headstrong folks, as judith mcnaught does in pretty much all of her novels. the best example of this is whitney, my love. i know. it’s a lame title. and it’s typical smut. but i think you’re gonna like these two. ‘he doesn’t […]

  • james and georgina

    i think the first smut book i read was johanna lindsey’s gentle rogue. and no, i didn’t choose it because it’s smut. i chose it because i like the malory family. they’re some pretty cool folks. georgina: ‘i had to leave england.’ james: ‘were you in trouble?’ ‘no, i just couldn’t stand it there another day.’ ‘then […]

  • byron and kate

    i’ve been dreading this post. mostly because i had to run through my list to see just how many stories i could include by this one author and it turns out i can only do one or two depending on whether i include a work by another author. and because the next two (or three) […]

  • dexter and rachel

    something borrowed is one of those stories i didn’t like on the first read. in fact, i was kind of put off by dexter in the end. i like my leading men to be men, not pansies, after all, and he has moments of utter pansiness (that’s probably not a word, but i’m leaving it anyway) […]

  • george and liza

    i am in love with these characters, this story. because this one made my heart gleeful and then yanked it right out of my chest. i swear. very few books have managed to evoke such emotion in me before and continue to do so. this from ellen shanman’s right before your eyes. ‘so what do you […]

  • nick and norah’s infinite playlist

    NOT the film. the film blows. huge, HUGE chunks. it’s most assuredly one of the worst adaptations i’ve ever seen. but the book … i LOVE the book. even if it is teen fiction. and there’s SO much i like about this book that i could blog about it for a significant period of time, […]

  • and then there’s this one

    i’m still on a good love stories sort of kick. so the next few posts will accomodate that (and yeah, i know. i’ve got a whole lot of things i should be writing about instead, like project: the first, otherwise known as holy-mother-of-god-what-the-hell-were-you-thinking-and-why-haven’t-you-made-a-bit-more-effort?) anyway… i told you what my ten favorite (for the moment) chick […]

  • calvin!

    these are a few of my favorite calvin comics. my heart giggles every time i see them. i hope they make yours giggle, too.