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  • the streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight

    the news today was full of stories about children bullying children. one couple opted to homeschool their teenaged daughter who was told repeatedly that she was a slut and a whore. but that didn’t stop her peers from finding other avenues by which to deliver their abuse. they found her online. she’d block a user. […]

  • n is for neapolitan

    so i used to go to school in missouri. one of the (many) things i didn’t like about being in school out of state was that i had to eat inferior–and it is inferior… all of it, even your silly ben and jerry’s–ice cream. i’m a texan, boys and girls. i might rant about the […]

  • m is for monastery

    so one of my favorite things about the holidays — christmas and easter and whatnot — is the phone call we get from my great uncle, a trappist monk at a monastery in huntsville, utah, outside of salt lake city. his birth name was clarence, but upon entering the monastery he became brother nicholas, or […]