you need a radio, takes the pressure off everyone feeling they have to talk so much

in the past twenty-four hours, i’ve seen in my twitter and facebook feeds people posting pictures of heavyset women wearing unflattering clothing and videos poking fun of others having difficulty at atm machines. this morning i read an article about pepsi’s failed attempt to create an advertisement encouraging cultural diversity and how heineken created one that succeeded.

stop telling others how they should live, goddammit. YOU DO YOU.

of course, saying this puts me in the same category, and i know how incendiary that is, but please, yall. that woman put that clothing on because she liked it. she LIKED IT. who gives a shit if it doesn’t make her look good? she felt good wearing it. but you’re gonna post the picture to your twitter account with your snark so you can feel good? how does that make you feel good? how? it didn’t make me feel good seeing that in my feed. and a friend of mine did that. i was ashamed to see it, ashamed that she’d done it. and what the fuck does it matter what she’s wearing? WHAT? do you know how many times i’ve looked back on pictures and wondered what made me think that was okay? (there’s some really good examples in this post.) but AT THE TIME, i liked that clothing. plus, my mama picked it out for me.

if someone’s having trouble with something, don’t fucking record a video and post it to your facebook wall so others can laugh at that person’s ineptitude. get out of your car, walk over and ask, can i help you? if the person’s rude to you then, so be it. but maybe they’d appreciate the kindness? if you can’t be kind enough to ask, then at least be considerate enough to shut up and keep your camera in your bag.

all this does is make someone’s day uglier. and maybe their day was already ugly to begin with. no, they can’t see your twitter and your facebook, but if you think they don’t know that people are mocking them, you’re STUPID.

put some music on. think on different things. SHUT UP.

(by the way… because it’s no longer sitting well with me… that mismatch post on monday is the last of the batch.)

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  1. I didn't see that video but that makes me angry hearing about that. I hate when something is happening people now a days pull out their phone to record it instead of helping. WTF is that?! What is wrong with people?!

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