what light

why i wanted to read it: because a friend of mine and i went to a book discussion and signing at blue willow bookshop in west houston. (this was many, many months ago, yall… something like october of last year? i read this thing way back when and forgot to post about it, so… pardon.) i figured i should get one of his books, and since this was the one he was promoting (and because i’d learned at the time that a new edition of thirteen reasons why would be released with new material, i figured i’d wait to read that one.

what i liked: i liked the characters well enough…

what sucked: …but there’s not much conflict, and what little there is isn’t well-established or well-executed. it’s two hundred fifty pages of cutesy mediocrity.

having said that: i didn’t mark a single page, yall. not one. and for me, that’s the biggest tell. if i can’t find a single line of narrative or dialogue that speaks to me… that’s pretty bad. i wanted to like this because it’s christmas fiction. who doesn’t want to read a good story at christmas time? i needed heartwarming and got lackluster. pardon the pun, but what light?

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