twenty wishes

why i wanted to read it: i got suckered into buying it because i liked the cover, the blurb on the back made it sound like it was going to be interesting enough and i’d read one of hers before and liked it. also… i was probably depressed that day and needed some hope in my life. i’m pretty sure i picked this up at heb on a whim. also it’s a blossom street novel, and i understand those are popular. i figured i should give one a chance.

what i liked: barbie and mark’s and lillie and hector’s stories were alright.

what sucked: they were alright, compared to the rest of the character’s stories. that’s not a great compliment. i read more interesting things in my critique group. it’s three hundred seventy-nine pages of crap, basically, complete with an exceptionally cheesy epilogue. i hate epilogues. it’s a hell of a lot of telling over showing. and the main character? she’s not a very likable chick. i don’t give a shit if she’s happy in the end. spoiler alert: she is. but then, it’s predictable as shit, so you know she will be.

having said that: there are SO. MANY. OTHER. BETTER. BOOKS. OUT. THERE. if you’ve a hankering for a love story, read one from this list (preferably one in the bold type).

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