tunes for tuesday: songs that begin with the letter m

one. malibu. hole. celebrity skin.
two. man with the hex. the atomic fireballs. torch this place.
three. map of the problematique. muse. black holes and revelations.
four. marshall mathers. eminem. the marshall mathers lp.
five. material girl. madonna. like a virgin.
six. maybe tomorrow. stereophonics. you gotta go there to come back.
seven. me wise magic. van halen. best of – volume one.
eight. meet virginia. train. train.
nine. meg white. ray lamontagne. gossip in the grain.
ten. melt with you. modern english. after the snow.
eleven. mercy. duffy. rockferry.
twelve. middle of the night. what made milwaukee famous. what doesn’t kill us.
thirteen. the minnow and the trout. a fine frenzy. one cell in the sea.
fourteen. missing you. john waite. no brakes.
fifteen. missy. the airborne toxic event. the airborne toxic event.
sixteen. more than this. the cure. the x-files: the album.
seventeen. mother we just can’t get enough. new radicals. maybe you’ve been brainwashed…
eighteen. mourning. tantric. tantric.
nineteen. mr. brownstone. guns n’ roses. apetite for destruction.
twenty. mr. jones. counting crows. august and everything after.
twenty-one. mud. middlefinger. three martini lunch.
twenty-two. mudshovel. staind. dysfunction.
twenty-three. must be dreaming. frou frou. details.
twenty-four. mysterious ways. u2. achtung baby.
twenty-five. mysterons. portishead. dummy.

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