tunes for tuesday: songs that begin with the letter e

one. easy. fuel. something like human.
two. eat the rich. aerosmith. get a grip.
three. eclipsed. evans blue. the melody and the energetic nature of volume.
four. egg man. beastie boys. paul’s boutique.
five. elephants. rachael yamagata. elephants… teeth sinking into heart.
six. ellis island. big head todd and the monsters. sister sweetly.
seven. elsewhere. sarah mclachlan. fumbling towards ecstasy.
eight. the emperor’s new clothes. sinead o’connor. i do not want what i haven’t got.
nine. empire. queensryche. empire.
ten. empty. ray lamontagne. till the sun turns black.
eleven. end of the world. cold. thirteen ways to bleed on stage.
twelve. enjoy the silence. depeche mode. violator.
thirteen. enough for now. the fray. the fray.
fourteen. enter sandman. metallica. metallica.
fifteen. epiphany. staind. break the cycle.
sixteen. eraser. nine inch nails. the downward spiral.
seventeen. even better than the real thing. u2. achtung baby.
eighteen. evenflow. pearl jam. ten.
nineteen. everlong. foo fighters. the colour and the shape.
twenty. every rose has its thorn. poison. open up and say… ahh.
twenty-one. everybody hurts. r.e.m. automatic for the people.
twenty-two. everybody knows. concrete blonde. pump up the volume soundtrack.
twenty-three. everybody wants to rule the world. tears for fears. songs from the big chair.
twenty-four. everything changes. staind. chapter v.
twenty-five. eyes of a stranger. queensryche. operation mindcrime.

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