to the winery!

but first i had to stop and take some pictures of the pretty! i love my neighborhood, yall. every time i come home and every time i go out, i marvel at how lucky i am that i get to look at this:
 and i’m lucky, too, that some of the sweetest people i know decided to open up a winery not so far from me. they make some really good stuff, too. REALLY GOOD. 

it’s called bernhardt winery. it’s in plantersville, texas. and a lot of what they make has won all kinds of prizes. plus, they’ve got a quaint little bed and breakfast. 
and their wine? it’s LOVELY. i’m particularly fond of PINELLI.

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  1. Oh, sign me up. Best and I have done two wine trips. Multiple wineries in a day, one of them followed by a concert in the vines by a Beatles cover band who were like time-travel eerily good. And we drank. And we danced. And we had hangovers. But oh was it fun.
    Tina @ Life is Good

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