three things

three experiences i recommend

one. the van gogh museum in amsterdam. do the audio tour. it’s fantastic.
two. hike to neuschwanstein and explore the castle.
three. hike in wales. just make sure you plan the trip well.

three things that are always in my fridge
one. bananas.
two. white wine.
three. assorted jams and jellies.

three things that are always in my freezer
one. ice cubes.
two. ice packs.
three. ziploc freezer bags.

three most often used makeup products

one. clinique beyond perfecting foundation and concealer in breeze.
two. clinique high impact mascara in black.
three. clinique different lipstick in surprise.

three things i’d give up in a second
one. port wine.
two. jagermeister.
three. bitters.

three things upon which i’ll spend money

one. films.

two. literature.
three. music.

three things that are always in my pantry
one. assorted spices.
two. plastic containers.
three. tonic water.

three things upon which i won’t spend money

one. skiing.
two. golfing.
three. playing tennis.

three pieces of advice for everyone
one. i’ve always thought people weaker for not being able to appreciate when others own who they are;
sharing your struggles can be helpful.
two. NEVER smoke; if you do, QUIT NOW. seriously. the amount of money you’ll spend on dental work’s HIDEOUS.
three. NEVER get a credit card; if you have one CUT IT UP NOW.

this post idea swiped from steph.

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  1. You keep bananas in your fridge?! I've been to the Van Gogh museum and loved it! I don't know about hiking to all those other places. Can I go by car? Haha!

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