this could be the last time… also knowns as “monks? monks live in utah?”

yes. yes, they do. on some of the finest land in the country.
i’ve posted most (if not all) of these images before. i won’t have new ones for you for a couple of weeks. we leave on wednesday for what will most likely be the last time we ever go. my munkle is very old. and there are only ten monks left at the monastery. one by one, they’re leaving–either because the body fails them or they’ve chosen to live elsewhere. 
this one’ll have to close. there’s not enough to sustain it. i hate like hell this has to happen. soon, much too soon this beautiful land will be turned into another cookie-cutter neighborhood. hundreds and hundreds of cheap homes on teeny tiny lots. i can’t bear to think of it.
so here. look on this glory with me a little while longer.

my cousins, my brother, my mother, me, the monk and another cousin.

my aunt’s brother, my brothers, my cousins and my munkle’s red truck.
i miss that thing. i miss those days.

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