the twenty-first question

Why do you like driving so much? — Adam
I feel this need to get out, to think, to clear my head, to see the world. There is this overwhelming restlessness in me, and it is most often quieted and soothed by finding some winding country road, far from the chaos of the city.
There are times when I want simply to get out of the house, but I don’t really want to go anywhere, don’t want to do anything, don’t want to see anyone. So, I go drive for a bit, then come home again. I drive when I am frustrated or upset. When I feel lost and need to think things through. When I need to cry or scream. When I’ve been working on a scene and I’m blocked and can’t, despite my efforts, find the right the thoughts, the right words to paint the picture in my head, or worse, when I can’t even see the picture.
But mostly, I like to drive because it is when I am driving that I least mind being alone. I prefer it, actually. Just me, the road, some music to sing along with, cigarettes, a caffeinated, carbonated, canned beverage, preferably Dr. Pepper and a full tank of gas. Just me and the world I choose to see.
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  1. Why is it that a road trip – no matter how short – can sooth all the evils that nip at our souls? I love them, too! And I always leave my cellphone at home!

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