the statistical probability of love at first sight

why i wanted to read it: the title. and that after the title and dedication pages, there’s a quote from charles dickens’ our mutual friend: and o there are days in this life worth life and worth death. and the majority of it takes place in london. so… a quote from my favorite book and a setting in my favorite city. this is the book i’d intended to read a while back but couldn’t find it.

what i liked: and so, with nothing more to be done, hadley finally makes her way out through the sliding doors and into the gray london haze, feeling satisfied at least that the sun didn’t have the audacity to show up this morning.

i liked the characters. i liked the conflicts the author gave them. and there were a handful of instances where i considered marking a page that had a sentence worth mentioning but ended up deciding against it at the time that i wish i had marked.

i’d meant to go back and find them. i’d every intention of doing this. but you know what they say about intentions…

and now my library book’s overdue, so that’s all you get.

what sucked: sometimes the author takes way too long to tell a story. she drags out the inconsequential shit and practically skims over or skirts around the good stuff.

having said all that: i liked it much better than the last book i read by ms. smith. but it’s nothing stellar.

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