the sixth question

for those of you new to the inquisition essays, these were written six years ago. my interests now are not necessarily the same as they’d been then.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? — Judy

If I’m lucky, I’ll be married, with a family of my own, living in a really nice house — not sure where, really. To be honest, there are many neighborhoods here in San Antonio that I’m quite fond of. I do so love this country — these hills, this climate. I don’t like being away from home, even if it’s just a couple hundred miles, a handful of hours. But every time I come back to my apartment, I’m struck by the beauty of this place. I suppose it’s easier to appreciate since I travel so frequently back and forth, but, anyway, if I were to still be here, ten years from now, I wouldn’t be complaining about it. I’d be teaching either English or Creative Writing at a university. A published novelist with lots of money in the bank and some really nice cars in the driveway, so that I could take as many aimless drives, in style, as I’d like, or as many jaunts to all those foreign places I’ve been wanting to see. Of course, the lots of money bit, given the financial realities and history of novelists in the publishing industry, isn’t very likely, but a girl can dream.

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3 responses to “the sixth question”

  1. Maybe you can make your money at the university for your travels and lifestyle. Then work on your novel in your offtime.

    I, too, would love to be teaching English at a university. And get my novel published. Are we related?

  2. 10 years from now I will be the mother of teenagers instead of toddlers! I imagine in some ways my life will be the same. Saying things like, "Don't you ever listen to me?" "Don't hit your brother/sister" "Pick up your messes." In addition to that I hope to be taking more and more photos, and getting published and selling my prints.

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