the royal we

why i wanted to read it: because erin recommended it. and it was a selection for her last reading challenge.

what i liked: the criminal loss of one made up for the egregious loss of the other (page 283).

“knickers’ll need nurturing through this,” freddie said over pints the night before operation pole began. “the last time a great hairy hooved beast thundered toward him, he cried.”

“from the dander,” nick said.

freddie cupped his hear. “the danger, you say?” (page 302).

“what’s her name?”

“i absolutely know the answer to that, but i choose to keep it private for her own protection.”

“no clue, then.”

“i’ve one clue. it’s vaguely musical.” i frown. “triangle? treble clef?” (page 462).

again, i marked about a dozen pages, but after reading them again i wasn’t as impressed. for the most part, i like the characters and the story. it reads fairly quickly. the dialogue’s pretty good. the story’s chock full of conflict.

what sucked: it’s about two hundred pages longer than it needs to be. it’s drawn out and predictable as shit. i spotted the villains right off, mostly because their names are pretty freaking suited to miscreants. and the princes in this story? you might as well call them william and harry rather than nicholas and freddie.

having said that: i enjoyed it. it’s fun.

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