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So, I don’t remember ever hearing Winnie the Pooh actually say that…but I love it.

One day I saw that on Pinterest, and it was a day when I really needed to have that perspective.

Isn’t it weird how Pinterest can kind of be like the Bible that way… I mean you can browse through and find something that fits your needs and comforts you….

Most of the time for me, it’s stuff like this…

Yea… I dig funnies. But anyways, back to the ol’ Pooh Bear quote…

I found that roughly three months ago. Michael, my husband of one month at the time, was about to leave for Afghanistan and I pretty much felt like the walls were crumbling around me. And then I saw that quote.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 

That definitely hit home with me…  I even sent it in a text to Michael.

I was feeling so sorry for myself because I did not want Michael to leave. I was scared, and I knew I would miss him more than I’d ever missed anything. But when I read that quote I realized that I was lucky. I was/am lucky to have someone who loves me as much as I love him. I’m lucky to have someone who treats me well and who makes me feel loved every second of every day. While I was still very sad for Michael to leave, heartbroken even, I was able to keep in perspective that it was better for me to feel that heartbreak because I loved him so much than to have someone I felt nothing for. Now I feel lucky every day.

Saying goodbye sucks, and that’s for sure. But if you have someone that makes goodbye so hard it nearly kills you… count your blessings because you, my friend, are lucky!

Here are some more pins that got me through Michael’s tour :).


So… with all of that being said, I guess it’s just really important to love and to trust love and to realize that if you have love you are lucky. Trust that, and you can make it through anything.

Coincidentally I am typing this at 4:30 a.m. from a hotel. I came to spend the weekend with Michael (we still don’t live together because of things he has to do for the Army). He left for work an hour ago, and I miss the crap out of him and am really dreading my four hour drive back home alone… but I just have to repeat the words of that lovable bear… I’m lucky to have someone that makes saying goodbye THE WORST THING EVER… okay, I changed it a little. Haha!

i found danielle’s blog not too long ago. she’s a cute gal with a lot of spunk. i think yall will like her, too. go say howdy.

have you got a quote you love? something that’s touched you? made you laugh? gave you strength? i would love to include it as a guest post here. i’ll be running this series through the holiday season, up to the week prior to christmas. so there’s plenty of time. if interested, email me: criticalcrass (at) me (dot) com.

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