the nineteenth

If a good book were a fruit, which type of fruit would it be and why? — Jason

I picked the orange for a variety of reasons. The best books are packaged well, they’re vibrant, almost shiny, pleasing to the eye, drawing my attention — and I’m not just talking about the packaging of them, but the first chapter or so, too. Then they make me work to maintain that interest. The best book is Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend because it grabbed me from the beginning, but I had to work to get through it. It’s not always so easy, so interesting. I had to make an effort. Had to peel away the tough shell of the idea before I could enjoy it. And when I did, I enjoyed it immensely.
A good book sort of comes alive, melts into and nourishes me. I don’t have to eat it all at once; I can section it off. I don’t have to read it all at once, but in bits and pieces, so I can savor it a bit more.
If it’s a good book, it’ll leave me with ideas, pull things out of me, inspire me to write more, to know myself more. It’s like the tree — it blossoms, it grows, it bears fruit…more ideas, more books.
I’ve always associated the color orange with happiness. Reading makes me happy.
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  1. Nicely drawn analogy. Now you've got me thinking about my own comparison. Nice post idea! And I'm loving your new layout. Not that there was anything wrong with your other one…I have a technical question for when you have time. How do you make the email button work? I press it, my own preferred email account pops up, so slick. All I've learned about linking is how to leave mine in a comment. I have no idea how to do the email trick. Would you mind sharing?

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