the good in my day: october

getting off work on time. earphones (because i just had to sit in front of the baby who cried the WHOLE way to georgia). the medic. coligny beach. chatting with the bartender at proof. my nephew. my bed. weezer (because it was that, aerosmith’s eighties rock ballads or adele’s sad shit). reading dickens’ our mutual friend in the courtyard before work. ed sheeran’s lego house. chatting with the soldier boy. the chat i had with my general manager… her reinforcements are sometimes miraculous things that help to restore my sanity. the mornings i’ve slept until ten (lately i’ve been waking up most every night at around four a.m. and then again at eight… so those extra hours of sleep are a welcome blessing). dinner with josh and dianne. the two claires. knorr butter noodles. pansies. bodycology bath products. fireworks. trick pony’s pour me. the judge. george strait’s run. martina mcbride’s anyway. the sky on the way to work today: there was this fantastic smattering of white, white clouds shaped like a giant’s thumbprint right over the sun. caterine. sarah, the car salesman at the toyota dealership here in town. cherrie’s kindness and willingness to alter my work schedule. fudrucker’s. leigh’s counsel. tylenol pm. the edits i made to the first chapter.

having said all that… i’m damned glad this month is O V E R.

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