the good in my day: june

the chat i had with my mother before she left this evening to dine with my father and their friends. the drive into my subdivision at dusk this time of year. the compliment a server paid me; i don’t remember the words, but they were incredibly kind observations of my character, and i almost cried because the beauty of that kindness was so welcome in that moment. one of my managers got me giggling after a long string of trying customers… too many instances of my not being able to satisfy, of disappointing and being disappointed, and somehow she got me giggling. she’s very good at that. the smile on a friend’s face when i dropped by with a gift. peter dinklage in game of thrones; he’s pretty incredible. ansel elgort didn’t ruin augustus waters; i was so certain he would. the lovely, lovely child i met today at work, and the kindness his mother bestowed upon me. my five-year-old nephew’s voicemail: wub, i’m fine. i had a pleasant enough day at work. i spent the day watching game of thrones: resting while watching a great story is a wonderful thing. the gift i received from a fellow blogger: a pack of tul pens (just like i like’m) and b&n gift card. i’ve managed to get really great parking places at the mall on the first try two days in a row. quality time with my mother followed by dinner at home with the family. one of my coworkers, who’s on maternity leave, picked up a shift for another yesterday; it was nice to see her again… it was also nice not to have to get up at six a.m. and work a long day, which i would’ve had to do had she not picked up. the elder lannister brother rescued the younger brother from prison; the younger learned of his lover’s deceit (i KNEW she was bad!), then killed his father in the privy… go tyrion. the hug alex gave me. i enjoyed working with a particular manager; that doesn’t happen often. lunch and window shopping with my father. i ended my day at work with a really good sale. a quiet house. the chat i had with one of the managers. breakfast with my father. the hug my nephew gave me. english muffins. dinner and window shopping with a friend. visiting with a sweet, sweet lady at b&n’s cafe. playing i spy with my nephew. my store manager’s smiling face at the start of my shift. mi cocina’s queso blanco. no cavities!

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  1. yay for getting great parking spots two day in the row. When I work at the mall. They only way I was getting a good parking spots was if I was opening. I'm glad to hear you had a few good and happy times in June.

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