the good in my day: august

lunch with maria. dinner with dianne. i sold a lot of stuff at work. seabiscuit. swimming. hearing my older brother’s name called over the p.a. in the airport just before my younger brother and i caught a flight to colorado to attend my cousin’s wedding. going to the aquarium with another cousin, his wife, child and father. lunch with my aunt and uncle and cousins. the beautiful evening outdoors for the ceremony. playing cards with my mother and aunt. dinner and skip-bo with a neighbor’s family. the red, patent leather shoes i bought at macy’s. the third interview i had at a high school for an instructional aide spot–maybe i could’ve done better, overall, but i was pleased with many of the answers i gave, and that hardly ever happens. the email erin sent, just checking in. the two days i spent caring for the wonder twins. feeding the ducks. not losing them at the mall or chuck e. cheese’s. the lego store. the letter and surprise i got in the mail from a former employer. playing tennis with the neighbors. actually hitting the ball with the racket… quite a few times and well enough that it soared over the net to the back of the court. harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. my friend victoria. the trailer for the theory of everything. the costume i got bambam came in today; it wasn’t supposed to get here until october. houston’s skyline. surprising karen with a gift after her back surgery. joe perry on guitar. that i got another saturday off without having to ask for it. the staff at optimum emergency room on research forest drive; i loathe all things related to hospitals and emergency care, but i also loathe infections, and (for you local peeps in need of a good twenty-four hour clinic) this place was pretty phenomenal. mike myers on david letterman.

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