the fifteenth

and since that one was a bummer, you get this one, too.

What does your dream house look like? — Naomi
For the longest while, I wanted to live in a castle. It didn’t really matter what it looked like, so long as it was big and had every amenity known to man.
Then I wanted a four-story house, also quite massive with all those elaborate, expensive comforts of home, shaped like a hexagon.
Now, when I become this incredibly wealthy novelist, I’m going to build a replica of the house Nora Roberts designed for a family of characters in her Dream trilogy, at least my vision of this particular home, called Templeton House. To be honest, I’m still working up this image in my head. I went through once and wrote down all the references to it, but they’re not that concrete, not enough to give me a great sense of what its appearance.
I see it built upon a rather large plot of land, off the coast of California, next to the cliffs. I see white wood and stone in various shades of gray. Massive oak doors at the entry, framed by an intricately tiled mosaic of grape leaves. Spanish tiled rooftop. Lots of windows. Every room would be divided by wide archways rather than rectangular openings, so that each room blends into the other. Sweeping staircases. Vaulted ceilings. Marble and ceramic tile. Hardwood floors.
But then, I liked the Hobbits’ houses Peter Jackson and his crew created for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, with their rounded doorways leading from one room to another, too. Simply designed, nicely furnished.
The furnishings would come from Restoration Hardware and other such establishments — simply lined, sturdy. Built to last.
That’s the kind of home I want. The sort that’s built to last.
to get a better look at the superior tastes c.c. has, go here.

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as for the blog, don’t expect to see any new posts for two weeks. but for the newbies, there’s a crapload of picky pages to peruse. plenty here to keep you busy.
auf wiedersehen!

7 responses to “the fifteenth”

  1. ENJOY EUROPE! Hope your shoes are broken in, your mind is clear, your spirit is excited, and especially, that you're ready to be cool like the cuzzes. Miss you. Bring me back something medieval! A castle pic post would do the trick!

  2. I've thought a lot about a "dream house," but always come back to the one I'm in. Something about loving the skin you live in. I found you through Words of Wisdom. Wanted to congratulate you on your BON-worthiness, and introduce myself. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Your house sounds lovely. I love lots of big windows, large, spacious rooms, a library, a garden, a kitchen installed with every convenience, and chandeliers. Chandeliers every where, even closets 🙂

  4. I loved reading this. Houses and furniture are, to me, incredible pieces of art. Often, on Sundays in LA, I go to Open Houses in my 'hood. (Though I live on a low-rent block, I am within walking distance of multimillion dollar homes.) I've found that the ones built in the 20's are my favorite. They have so much character. Of those 20's houses, one of the best I ever saw (dark wood; a vaulted ceiling in the living room) has an address that matches my birthyear. It remains within walking distance, and if I ever win Lotto, then that's where I'll live. (I'm also a novelist, but I know that won't ever pay for the house!!!)

  5. my dream house has changed so much over the years…but a big porch…and lots of windows/natural light…that's not changed 🙂

    enjoy your time in europe!

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