the fault in our stars

why i wanted to read it: it’s on the teen bestsellers bay ALL GOD DAMNED TIME. after having it glare at me (YOU WANT THIS, DON’T YOU?) relentlessly EVERY time i passed by, eventually i was no match for the dark side and crossed to the damned teen fiction category. again.

what i liked: when i was a little kid, i would wade in the white river with my dad and there was always this great moment when he would throw me up in the air, just toss me away from him, and i would reach out my arms as i flew and he would reach out his arms, and then we would both see that our arms were not going to touch and no one was going to catch me, and then i would legs-flailingly hit the water and then come up for air uninjured and the current would bring me back to him as i said again, daddy, again (pp. 54-55).

SO MANY THINGS. that’s the only one i’m quoting, because i want you to fall in love with all the deliciousness inside these pages yourself. GO GET IT NOW. revel in the beauty of this beast (and know that it WILL make you cry). specifically, augustus. he might be one of my favorite characters ever. next to victoria and grant. (sorry for distracting you from this awesomesauce, but there’s some pretty yummy stuff, as well, in that book there. you should read it. seriously. AFTER you read this one.)

what sucked: the repetition of the line the world is not a wish-granting factory. cancer. peter van houten. kharma.

having said all that: your world will be a thousand times better for having known augustus and hazel.

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