the fall film challenge: the bonus round

guess what. for the bonus? pick twenty-five films that have been based on books or actual events. when you post your list to the facebook page, you HAVE to provide links (like goodreads or wikipedia) to verify choices are legitimate ones. I WILL CHECK. I WILL TELL YOU NO IF THEY’RE NOT. same rules apply: can’t use films you’ve already seen; has to have a page on imdb, theatrical release… no changes… yadda yadda. AND because i’m nice, this year you don’t have to have finished the regular round before watching bonus selections. so that’s it. have fun.

the tally, for those of you who are interested in knowing challengers’ progress, is thus:

christine: twenty-five. finished original list september twenty-second. 
alyson: twenty-five. finished original list september twenty-second (second). 
andrea: twenty-five. finished original list october second. 
christina: twenty-five. finished original list october seventh. 
kathryn: nineteen 
dani: thirteen 
brianne: nine 
sabrina: nine 
lauren t.: eight 
michael: eight 
stephanie: seven 
cassie: four 
cherie: four 
erin: three 
lauren h.: one 

there’s no shame in having only seen a few, by the way. ultimately, the purpose of this challenge is to get you to see things you wouldn’t normally see, and if it gets someone to watch one movie, then yay. i’m glad. because i know there are some of you out there who love books, like erin, a helluva lot more than they love film–or maybe i should say it’s easier for them to get through a book than a movie. you can listen to a book during a commute or while you’re cooking dinner. watching a movie while you’re cooking is a little more complicated. like the other day when i was trying to watch desolation of smaug and bake muffins. it took me two hours to make the muffins, yall. why? because there are hot men in that movie. i enjoyed looking at their faces a whole lot more than i enjoyed spooning batter into muffin tins. anyway… collectively, we challengers have seen about two hundred movies since september thirtieth. i say about because some of them are duplicates, and i’m too lazy to figure out an exact count. that’s a lot of movies, yall, in a very short amount of time. i am impressed by these girls. this is pretty awesome.

i have seen sixteen flicks. i’m having a really hard time finding the trojan women. i understand i could buy it, but, although it appears to have a pretty fantastic cast, i’m not interested in purchasing a film i’ve never seen. so… if by some freak of nature one of you lovely readers happens to own that particular flick or know of someone who does and would be willing to hook a gal up, i’d appreciate the favor. you will be rewarded for your generosity.

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