the fall film challenge: my list

one. starring anthony hopkins. howard’s end.

two. listed on nathan bransford’s best hundred movies challenge. the big sleep.
three. about charity. megan leavey.
four. starring robert downey, jr. spider-man: homecoming.
five. about envy. snow white and the huntsman.
six. about faith. war room.
seven. about greed. the wolf of wall street.
eight. about hope. creed.
nine. starring jeremy irons. their finest.
ten. about justice. wind river.
eleven. starring kevin bacon. footloose.
twelve. about lust. don jon.
thirteen. starring ian mckellen. mr. holmes.
fourteen. set in a castle. elizabeth.
fifteen. about fortitude. room.
sixteen. about pride. the founder.
seventeen. starring alan rickman. bottle shock.
eighteen. released last year and reviewed on jackie.
nineteen. about temperance. gifted.
twenty. about prudence. the case for christ.
twenty-one. starring val kilmer. kiss kiss bang bang.
twenty-two. about wrath. logan.
twenty-three. set in an exotic locale. dunkirk.
twenty-four. about gluttony. chef.
twenty-five. set in space. the space between us.

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