the eleventh

for those of you new to picky and the inquisition, this is one of twenty responses written six years ago to questions my friends and family had posed for a memoir project done in a creative nonfiction writing class. the interests i had then are not necessarily those i have now.

What are the ten things you’d most like to do before you die? — Tiffany

1.) Get married.
2.) Have a family.
3.) Get graduate degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing.
4.) Write at least one bestselling novel.
5.) Obtain a position as a professor in the English department at a major university.
6.) Tour each of the fifty states.
7.) Tour England, Wales, Austria, France, Germany, Ireland and Greece.
8.) Interview Johnny Depp and Nora Roberts.
9.) Attend the Oscars.
10.) Build my dream house.

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  1. Interesting list! I'd love to meet Nora Roberts, too. She is one of my go-to authors. I especially love her JD Robb series of murder mysteries.

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