the difference a decade makes

let’s ignore the giant bag at my hip, yeah, and focus on the smallness of my waist and the prettiness of my hair (that’s after flying overnight, yall. it looks pretty good for no sleep on a cramped plane) and the thinness of my arms.

let’s consider that i thought i was fat then.

let’s pray that i can find the stamina and self-love to reclaim some semblance of that because my gut is bigger than my boobs, now, and my hair… GAH.

3 responses to “the difference a decade makes”

  1. Oh, girl… You are in excellent company. I, too, have done the same thing. I came across a picture of myself a few days ago, a picture that was taken in college, and thought, "Man, I'd give my eye teeth to be that thin again." Thing is, when that picture was taken, I thought I was a behemoth cow. LOL! The skinnier college me had no idea what was coming once I hit my forties!

    I wish you all the best in your reclamation. I understand all too well how difficult a task losing weight can be, but it is definitely worth it.

  2. It's funny how, no matter what our age, we look back at old photos and realize how cute we were when, at the time, we didn't feel it. Which should teach us to appreciate our beauty NOW because, in a decade or two, we'll look back and think the same thing about today.

  3. Jenn, you knew me when I was super fit from dancing all day, every day…and, I thought I was fat then. I compared myself to others and was certain that I was one of the biggest on the team. Why do we do this to ourselves? And, you know me now, uhm, not it the best shape. But, guess what. You probably like me more now than you did then, and I sure know that I appreciate your friendship more now than I did then. So, we got that going for us!

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