the day to death’s hallows… otherwise known as lake charles, louisiana (no offense to those who live there)

so lake charles is the last place my brother spent his days on this earth. for the sake of my sanity, i did not visit specific locales (nor did know what they were, though there was a brief period in my travels in which i did make an effort to do so). also for the sake of my sanity i’m limiting details, yall.

half past nine a.m. home. morning ritual: coca-cola and cards.
half past ten. leaving.
half past eleven. texas state highway 105 east. fuck if know where exactly. some intersection in the boondocks.
half past noon. beaumont. somewhere nearabouts the interchange of interstates 10 and 69, moments before i headed west instead of east. because i am an idiot.
half past one p.m. f.m. 1663, near hankamer and winnie. because i’d gotten off ten near anahuac, where my father’d grown up, thinking i should probably see that place, too, but i made myself snap back to the purpose of the day and turned around.
half past two. beaumont again, headed in the right direction.
half past three. lake charles. some road near the some of the casinos. or something like that.
half past four. traveling from prien lake park to the charpentier historic district.
half past five. leaving lake charles.
half past six. westbound highway 105.
sunset. half past seven. westbound 105.
half past eight. home.

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