the chance

why i wanted to read it: because the cover’s kind of pretty. because i liked the idea–two teenagers, nolan and ellie, write notes to each other and bury them in an old tackle box at the base of their tree, and there the notes shall wait for eleven years before each can read what the other wrote. neither imagines that they won’t see each other for that time.

what i liked: the premise of the story. the characters.

what sucked: it’s a little too unreal. there’s a whole lot of suspension of disbelief here. and since it’s not science fiction i’m reading, i was a little perturbed at how schmaltzy it could be. then again, it IS inspirational fiction. and oh, there’s god on nearly every page.

having said all that: i found myself turning the pages easily enough. it’s a harmless story. wouldn’t hurt you to read it. but it’s not gonna warm your heart too much, either. if i find a thing i like, something so well written that i want to show it off, i tab the pages. i didn’t do that once with this one.

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