the biggest reason why being unemployed sucks

am writing this without my glasses and on my super small iphone screen (because having the latest model costs too much), so bear with me. i’ll dig into this post later, but for now… since being laid off, i’ve had to replace four tires and my brakes. none of this was necessary when i was gainfully, if unhappily, employed, by the way.

i’d intended to spend my day getting a copy of scaredy squirrel for the scavenger hunt, which meant driving into houston because the bookstores here don’t have it and the wonder twins’ copy that we had here has disappeared (it just now occurred to me i may’ve given it to a friend with her baby shower gift), taking some flowers to the receptionist at my doctor’s office in apology for my poor behavior a week or so ago, scheduling an appointment with the doc to discuss my kind of crazy and the meds, then go to a bible study with a friend, followed by pool at barney’s with folks from pappadeaux’s tonight. it was a good plan.

instead i’m sitting at a mechanic’s, where i’ll spend half of my bank balance getting new front brakes. i don’t even have a book to read.

an hour in, the guy said all of my brakes are shot, so now it’s basically all of my balance. fantastic.

so… the cost of that writers conference in new york that i’d expressed interest in attending and my parents agreed to fund, i swapped that out today for the brakes and a local conference. so… touring new york’s now off the table. but you know what? that’s okay. i’ve been to london. i’m pretty sure new york’s got nothing on that.

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  1. Doesn't it seem like those big expenses always come up when we are either laid off, in between jobs or just low on funds?! That is my life for sure. Sorry for your bad luck, lady. Sending you prayers of good fortune.

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