thankful thursday / the good in my day: may

watching  bambam’s t-ball game. the family picnic in the park. the drive home from baker street one evening: i managed to time it just right so that the sun was right above the tree tops and the sky was blushed and golden and the clouds were a dusty lavender; i had the windows down and the music up (the cult’s she sells sanctuary); i love coming home at this time of day because the neighborhood’s so green and peaceful. the note i got in the mail. the parking spot i got right in front of baker street. june. crystal. catherine. kristie. yucatan taco stand. the scavenger hunt with jenn and shazam. bambam. jason’s deli’s chicken noodle soup and chocolate frozen yogurt. joseph, jenn, rob and katie. asshole. the judge. in a three hour, GODAWFUL thunderstorm (worst i’ve ever heard) that seemed to park its punk ass over my lil part of southeast texas for the WHOLE of those three hours, the power only went out once, and for less than a minute. in the next night’s storm, which was shorter but sounded nastier than the one before with a helluva lot more lightning, the power never went off once. the house didn’t flood. king-sized beds. the longhorn. fried chicken. green beans. mama. daddy. steffey. nights and weekends off. rediclinics. heb. melissa. sur la table.

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