thankful thursday / the good in my day: april

van halen. the wonder twins. mama. payday. julie. becca and adam. james and andy. bread and butter. roxanne. the woodlands waterway arts festival. cbs sunday morning. sawyer fredericks. smarties. nick, jenny and julia. chick-fil-a. richard. tax refunds. melissa. blake, sarah, billy, david, brenda, red roses, samantha, erin, becca, tito’s vodka tonics with two limes, kyle eastwood’s eyes, and the beautiful, beautiful love story of ira and ruth as told in the incredibly cheesy, predictable and highly improbable nicholas sparks’ tale the longest ride (do see it for ira and ruth, though; her character–played by oona chaplin!!–is lovely, and that man is loving). kakeen and big gare. the manager of the men’s department at the woodlands mall’s dillard’s. nyquil. becca and june. hamburger steak. april and ice. sarah. the green light on farmer to market road fourteen eighty-eight. black walnut. breakfast croissant sandwiches. dianne and josh.

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