survey snagged from an old issue of real simple

drinks: coca-cola, dr. pepper, iced tea, cranberry juice, lemonade, gatorade, water, chocolate martini, vodka tonic, pinot grigio.

loves: eleanor and park, the fault in our stars, the language of flowers, ncis, ncis: los angeles, the west wing, steel magnolias, dedication, star trek (the one from four years ago), the aggies, the packers, the patriots, london, san diego…

huntsville, utah

chicken spaghetti, peproni rolls, blue bell ice cream. my brothers, gigantic pains in my ass… but every now and then, they’d surprise me with their awesomeness. my parents.

once: i could hope, and it didn’t seem foolish to do so.

what i am really good at: writing.

if i could change places with anyone, living or dead, for one day, who would it be? my brother.

the best decision i ever made was: any time i say screw this shit, i’m going home. examples usually are tied to employment that sucked the joy through every single one of my pores. i made myself stick it out until those bastards almost killed my soul. people shat on me so frequently in my youth, and i took it because i thought i had to. i’ll take it as an adult, but only for so long.

what was my mother right about? i should’ve been better to my brother.

what am i most proud of? these poems. this post. these characters.

something on my mind lately is: i want my own place. i want a fat bank account. and i want to see something i wrote in print and selling well. but really… i want independence.

before i die, i’d like to: travel. love. finish something.

6 responses to “survey snagged from an old issue of real simple”

  1. I really must read Elanor & Park one of these days. It's at the top of my wantlist. You're so lucky that you have the luxury to say "screw this shit, I'm going home." If I could do that one tenth of the time I need to, I'd be much less stressed out. But Coca-Cola helps with that. I know everyone gets on me about it, but soda is like cigarettes to me. Always makes me feel good (but check with me again in 10 yrs when I have 10 cavities and I'm pre-diabetic)

    Also, Go Packers! I was at a diner the other day and while my mouth was stuffed with food a waiter (not ours) saw my jacket and said said "Packers stink" then explained he's a Bears fan and we ruined his season. Hell yeah we did. Cause we're awesome like that.

  2. Packer fan? You're getting more points from me 🙂
    Pretty pictures-so lush! Took a Buzzfeed quiz the other day that told me I should be living in Utah. I'll take it!

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